University of Vermont

Department of Risk Management & Safety

Workplace Safety

Environmental Safety and Health Policy

Implementation Responsibilities:UVM Employees, Students and Visitors

Employees, contractors, students, and everyone else authorized to conduct activities at the University of Vermont are responsible for:

  • Complying with applicable environmental health and safety laws and regulations, University policy, and accepted safe work practices.
  • Observing safety-related signs, posters, warning signals and written directions.
  • Being familiar with the emergency plan for the workplaces they frequent, the emergency assembly area and emergency coordinators for their building, and participate in emergency drills.
  • Learning about potential hazards associated with their work and work area; knowing where information on these hazards is kept for their review; and using this information when needed.
  • Following safe operating procedures and guidance applicable to their work, when their work involves hazardous materials or processes.
  • Using personal protective equipment and engineering controls appropriate to their work.
  • Stopping their work if they reasonably believe continuation of the work poses an imminent danger to health, safety, or the environment, and immediately notifying a supervisor in the chain of authority over the work.
  • Reporting other unsafe conditions to their supervisor or safety committee (such conditions include malfunctioning equipment, and work-related fires, accidents, incidents, injuries, illnesses, or property damage, as well as "near misses".
  • Warning coworkers about defective equipment and other hazards.
  • Participating in health and safety training applicable to their work situation.
  • Arranging for safe disposal of contaminated waste and hazardous chemicals.

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