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Additional Information on Course Registration

:: Adding and Dropping Courses

Adding Courses

To add a course, enter the 5 digit Course Reference Number (CRN) into the Add Classes Worksheet and click on Submit Changes:

You can enter and submit up to ten CRNs simultaneously.

Courses for which you have already registered will appear in the Current Schedule section:

If you are unsure of which course to add, please click the Class Search button for assistance.

Dropping Courses

PLEASE NOTE: Before dropping a course please be advised that after the fifth day of classes instructor permission is needed to add a course. If your desire is to switch from one section to another you should obtain instructor permission for the course you wish to add before you drop the section in which you are already enrolled or you will not be able to add it back should you change your mind.

To drop a course, in the Current Schedule section choose Drop this course (Web) from the menu in the Action field and click on Submit Changes:

If no options are listed in the Action field then the course may not be dropped.

Students who are rebuilding their Fall or Spring schedules should not drop all their courses at once as the registration system will interpret this as a desire to withdraw from the University. One course needs to remain on your schedule at all times. Once a new course is successfully added then it is OK to drop the final course remaining from the original schedule.

:: Foreign Language Placement (FLP) Test

Students interested in taking a French, German, or Spanish course at any level must first take the Foreign Language Placement Test. Students who do not take the FLP will be disenrolled from any French, German, or Spanish course for which they have registered. You must take the FLP even if you have never taken coursework in that language.

For more information about the Foreign Language Placement Test please click here.

:: Course Withdrawals

Please be advised there can be significant academic and financial consequences associated with withdrawing from a course. Please consult Student Financial Services, the instructor, your advisor, and/or your Dean's Office before withdrawing from a course.

To withdraw from a course, check the box in the Request Withdraw field in the Current Schedule section and click on Submit Changes:

The request is pending until the date displayed. You may cancel the withdrawal request as long as it is pending by unchecking the box and clicking on Submit Changes.

After the withdrawal period ends, any changes to your registration must be approved by your Dean's Office.

:: Summer Course Withdrawal Dates

Because session dates for the Summer term vary, students who wish to withdraw from a summer course should review specific withdrawal dates found here.

:: Tuition Remission

UVM employees registering for graduate level (200+) courses must complete the Tuition Remission Taxability for Graduate Courses form after registration. Failure to complete this form may result in additional income tax liability.


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