Determination of Residency
Initial Classification
Application Procedures
Residency Appeal Procedures

:: Initial Classification

A new student first indicates residency status when applying for admission to the University or when registering for a course. Students applying for admission to a degree or certificate program are classified as eligible or not eligible for in-state tuition at the time their applications to the University are received and processed.  Non-matriculated (non-degree) students are classified as eligible or not eligible for in-state tuition at the time their registration forms are received and processed. The classification is based on information and documentation furnished by the student and other information available to the University.

You may be asked to complete an Application for In-state Status if one or more of the following circumstances apply:

Other circumstances may also require you to file a residency application.

If you ask to be considered an in-state student and if we initially classify you as an out-of-state student, we usually write and ask you to fill out an Application for In-State Status. You are responsible for enrolling under the proper residence classification for tuition purposes and must verify your status and contact the Residency Office if there is any question concerning your classification. 

If we classify you as a non-resident and you feel you meet the requirements for in-state tuition and wish to be considered for in-state eligibility, you must complete an Application for In-state Status, provide all necessary documentation, and submit all materials on a timely basis.