Viewing Your Grades

:: Where Can I See My Grades?

Navigate to your grades in three quick steps:

  1. Log in to myUVM.
  2. Click the View Your Grades button from the My Records channel found on the Registrar page.
    Click on the View Your Grades button
  3. Select the current term. If the current term does not appear in your drop down menu, none of your grades are yet available.

:: When Will My Grades Appear?

Faculty Senate policy states that all grades should be submitted within 72 hours of the final exam. Once your instructor submits your grade it will need to be “rolled” to academic history in order for you to view it. Grades roll to academic history daily when the system is backed up at 1:00 AM. Grades for all courses must be submitted by the Tuesday following the last day of exams.

:: What Should I Do If There Are Problems?

If you have questions about why a particular grade is not appearing you should contact the instructor of your course. If the instructor is unavailable it is recommended that you contact the department which runs the course.

Students may receive an administrative fail (AF) if no grade has been submitted by the time grading closes for the term. A grade of missing (M) is given to students in courses in which no grades have been submitted by the instructor.

If you believe you have received an unfair course grade, you may appeal that grade. Details about the University's grade appeal policy are available here.