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New England Board of Higher Education RSP Tuition Break

The University of Vermont, in participation with the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE)'s RSP Tuition Break program, offers discounted tuition to permanent residents of New England States wishing to pursue select degree programs not available in their home state.

Visit the official NEBHE site here.

Students enrolled in an approved program pay an increased percentage of instate tuition rather than the full out of state rate. Beginning in the Fall of 2007 students enrolling in an approved program will pay 175% of instate tuition. For questions about the tuition rate contact Student Financial Services at

To be considered eligible for the discounted rate students must apply and be accepted into an approved program offered by the University of Vermont which is not offered by an institution in their home state. It is important to note that, "approved degree programs do not necessarily include every program for which residents might expect to be RSP-eligible. Participating colleges and universities may decide against offering certain programs, such as those which are highly competitive (NEBHE.)" A full list of the University of Vermont's approved degree programs and their qualifying states appears below.

To qualify for the RSP tuition discount students must declare a degree in a program approved for residents of their state prior to the beginning of a semester.

In order to maintain the discounted tuition rate students must continue to actively pursue their approved degree program by enrolling in at least one course per semester which applies toward their degree. If at any time during a semester a student enrolled in the RSP program drops or withdraws from all courses applying toward their degree they will no longer be eligible for reduced tuition and will be billed accordingly. Further, if a student switches to an unapproved major during the semester, they will no longer be eligible for reduced tuition and will be billed accordingly.

Any student in an approved program from an approved state can request RSP status. However, the reduced tuition rate will be effective only for the term requested and future terms. It is not retroactive.

Approved Degree Programs

For questions about undergraduate degree programs contact the Registrar's Office. For questions about graduate degree programs contact the Graduate College.

*Special note: For students pursuing the DPT degree in the 3+3 program, eligibility for the discounted rate begins upon completion of their undergraduate program. The undergraduate preparatory program for the DPT degree is not covered under the RSP.

**The following majors have been approved for newly admitted (first-time, first-year and transfer) students starting Fall 2017.

Undergraduate Degree Programs
Degree Program Eligible States
Forestry CT, MA, RI
Greek CT, ME, RI
Latin CT, ME, RI
Plant Biology MA
Russian CT, ME, MA, RI
Undergraduate Degree Programs (NEWLY APPROVED For Fall 2017)
Chinese** ME, NH
Data Science** CT, ME, RI
Food Systems** CT, ME, MA
German (Language)** ME
Japanese** CT, ME, NH, RI
Linguistics** RI
Neuroscience and Behavior** ME, RI
Graduate Degree and Doctoral Programs
Agency Counseling (MS) ME
Bioengineering (PhD) CT, NH
Biostatistics (MS) CT, ME, NH, RI
Clinical and Translational Science (MS) ME, NH, RI
Clinical and Translational Science (PhD) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS) MA, NH
Clinical Psychology (PhD)
   Admission highly competitive
Community Development and Applied Economics (MS) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
Data Science (MS) ME, NH, RI
Food Science and Nutrition (MS) NH
Food Systems (MS) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
Food Systems (PhD) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
Germanic Languages and Literatures (MS) ME, NH, RI
Greek and Latin (MS) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
Historic Preservation (MS) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
Materials Science (MS) MA, RI
Mathematics (PhD) ME
Molecular and Cellular Biology (PhD) NH
Natural Resources (MS) MA
Natural Resources (PhD) MA
Neuroscience and Behavior (MS)
   Entry-level Master's students not accepted
Neuroscience and Behavior (PhD) ME, NH
Nursing: Direct-Entry (DNP) CT, ME, NH, RI
Pathology (Human) (MS) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI
Pharmacology (and Toxicology) (MS) ME, MA, NH
Physical Therapy (DPT)*
   See note above
Plant and Soil Science (PhD) NH

This list was last updated on September 11, 2015. For additional information please check NEBHE's website.

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