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Current Officers

Director of Operations: Kiley Baillargeon

The Director of Operations (DO) is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the squad. The DO is primarily responsible for handling intersquad communications.The DO is also the only regular member to sit on the Board of Advisors, acting as a liason between the two.

Training Officer: Tim Hwang

The Training Officer (TO) is responsible for regulating training within the squad. The TO organizes trainings, ensures that each member's certifications are valid amd their position on the truck is consistent with their skill level, and works with the Crew Chief Trainers, Driver Trainers, and Medic Trainers to make advancements.

Financial Officer: Abigail Bartram

The Financial Officer (FO) is responsible for our yearly budget, as well as all other financial matters.

Public Relations Officer: John Levkulic

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) is responsible for all requests from the media, scheduling and staffing stand-by events, and coordinating apparel orders. The PRO also leads the banquet committee.

Vehicle Officer: Adam Kingsley

The Vehicle Officer (VO) is responsible for the maintenance of our trucks. The VO also typically leads efforts into purchasing new apparatus.

Equipment Officer: Aaron Greenspun

The Equipment Officer (EO) is responsible for the maintenance of all our equipment, as well as ordering supplies.

Personnel Officer I: Elena Sayers

Personnel Officer II: Philip Holt

The Personnel Officers (PO's) work closely together to ensure that the ambulance is always staffed with a full, legal crew. The Personnel Officers are also responsible for interviewing prospective members and accepting new members.

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