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UVM Rescue is currently in its 45th year of operations since its founding in 1972. During this year several students who were EMTs began to ride on campus security vehicles. Equipped with a kit containing emergency supplies, they assisted anyone in need of care.

UVM was able to have at least one student on duty at all times. During the night hours a cot was set up in a back room of the old Wasson Infirmary on the UVM campus. Shortly thereafter, the University of Vermont realized the necessity for the services, and purchased its first ambulance the following year. From 1973 on, UVM Rescue has had a fully staffed Vermont certified ambulance squad.

Since Rescue's founding in the early 1970's, there has been a significant increase in call volume. During the early 1980's the growing city of South Burlington signed a contract with UVM Rescue. The contract dictated that UVM Rescue would be the primary responding ambulance for the city. As the 90s were ushered in, UVM Rescue's call volume increased every year. It hit a peak of almost 2,200 calls in 1999. Rescue's call volume decreased significantly during 2004, when the City of South Burlington opted to purchase an ambulance to assist the current Fire Department. Although UVM Rescue's call volume decreased significantly since that time, they still receive over 1,600 requests for an ambulance each year.

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