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Religion Department Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program

The Religion Department is participating in the College of Arts and Sciences initiative to provide outstanding students with an opportunity to serve as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA). Students chosen for a UTA position will assist department faculty in four large enrollment lecture classes that will be offered next year.

Students will be compensated and should expect to work approximately seven hours per week.

UTA responsibilities:
The responsibilities of UTAs will vary according to the needs of individual instructors, but may include: assistance with administrative aspects of the course (keeping attendance, recording grades, etc.), assistance with grading that requires relatively little independent judgment by the TA, facilitating class discussions, holding office hours to meet with students enrolled in the class; UTAs will also be expected to attend all class sessions, in addition to work hours.

The basic eligibility requirements are:
* Declared major or minor in Religion
* Junior or Senior standing (Sophomores will be considered in exceptional cases)
* Minimum GPA in Religion coursework of 3.40
* Preference may be given to students who have successfully completed the course that they would like to TA with a grade of A- or better

To apply for this program, please send an email to Prof. Trainor, department chair, at Your email should include the following information:

Class standing
Major and Minor
Courses that you would like to TA
Brief statement of your interest in serving as TA (maximum of 150 words)

For further information about Student Opportunities, please contact Aaron Robinson.

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