University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Religion

Religion Internship Opportunity for Fall 2017

The Religion Department, in collaboration with UVM’s Interfaith Center, is pleased to announce a new internship opportunity for Fall 2017. The student selected for this position will work with Laura Engelken, the director of the Interfaith Center, in support of the IC’s core mission: to equip and empower individuals, and the university as a whole, to engage more comfortably and competently with matters of spirituality and religion. This effort is a matter of equity and social justice, as it is about creating a university environment that enables students, staff and faculty to bring their full selves to their work, studies and social engagement – including their spiritual and religious identities. It is also a matter of preparing students to be effective citizens and leaders who are able to engage and collaborate and with individuals/groups who possess core values and understandings of the world that may be different from their own.”
This internship will provide students an opportunity to:
• Understand and articulate the importance of engaging spirituality and religion in higher education, particularly at a public institution.
• Increase their own religious literacy and assist in developing and implementing opportunities for students, staff and faculty to do so as well.
• Develop programming, marketing, organizational, interfaith leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Internship tasks and projects may include, but are not limited to:
1. Assist with the effective functioning of the Interfaith Center, helping create an informative and inviting space for all visitors.
2. Represent the Interfaith Center in outreach efforts (e.g., tabling, flyering, presentations) to engage students, staff and faculty with the Interfaith Center and its programs and services.
3. Participate in implementing a series of monthly interfaith dinners, along with a fall semester interfaith service project.
4. Participate in implementing a fall semester “Faith in Action,” film series, while collaborating with other departments and organizations.
5. Assist with social media, identifying/creating resources and producing marketing/educational materials.
6. Support general programming and professional development opportunities for students, staff and faculty.

The intern will work an average of 10 hours per week during the fall. This is a for-credit internship (3 credits is the typical load). The student intern registers for AS 190, an online course offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, which is how credit is given for student internships.
Applicants should be a Religion major or minor. Students interested in this position should submit an application by email to Professor Anne Clark, Chair of the Religion Department. Include a statement about what interests you in this internship and what you think you would bring to it. Include your name and year. Also include a CV or resume.
If you have questions, please contact Anne Clark or Laura Engelken.