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Additional Resources: Careers, Research, Graduate School, etc.

The Religion Department is committed to helping students learn more about their chosen field of study and the opportunities associated with it. As nationally and internationally-known scholars with successful careers, our faculty members have a wealth of expertise to share about academic work in the study of religion, graduate programs in religion and related disciplines, and more.

In addition to consulting individual faculty members about these issues, we strongly encourage you to attend regular events devoted to the following topics:

  • Applying to graduate school in religion:explores the variety of graduate programs in religion, how to choose a program, what materials are needed to apply, and what job prospects are like in the field. Usually offered early in the fall semester.
  • Crafting a personal statement for graduate school applications: offers the chance to get feedback on your personal statement in a peer-editing workshop, guided by a faculty member. Offered as needed in the fall semester.
  • Internships:orients students to the CAS Field Studies in the Humanities course, which provides curricular support for student internships.Offered in the spring semester.
  • Career night: provides students with connections to UVM Religion alums who can offer support and advice for translating the skills they’ve learned in religion studies to potential job alternatives. Usually offered in March.
  • Navigating the Four Year Plan provides an orientation to the Four Year Plan career development program and how students in Religion can best make use of it to meet their career aims. Offered in the fall semester.

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