Recycling at Special Events & Meetings

All events-- whether for five people or five hundred people -- will have impacts on our environment. Producing waste is a consequence of hosting an event or meeting on campus but careful consideration and advance planning can often reduce or eliminate waste altogether. 

bins_at_outdoor_special_eventsHow to Request Recycling Services

It is up to the conference host (Requestor) to ask for recycling bins at their events. When using the R 25 Webviewer facilities scheduling system, be sure to check off the recycling box and enter in any specific instructions that may be necessary. When creating a new request in R25, users have the option of checking two boxes:

Even if you do not plan on serving bottled or canned beverages, it is a good idea to request a bin because often times attendees may bring in their own or be carrying a bottle of water with them throughout the day.

The Events (EVT) Crew of  Conference & Events Services responds to all requests. The EVT crew will consult with UVM Recycling on any special needs or considerations. We recommend placing a recycling bin next to every trash can therefore making it easy to recycle things properly without having to wander around looking for the right place to recycle. Most building interiors already have recycling bins in classrooms, hallways and common areas. However, please request recycling bins for your event if you are unsure.


What Can Be Recycled At Events

The following items can be recycled on the UVM campus: Glass and plastic bottles, beverage cans, paper, and cardboard.

We cannot recycle disposable plastic plates, cups, utensils or other garbage such as individual ketchup packets, soiled napkins and paper coffee cups.

What about Composting Food Scraps at An Event?

At certain high-profile events such as Summer Orientation, our department can set up service of collecting food scraps for composting. If you are interested in having this service you must contact UVM Recycling in advance. If you choose to have composting at your event, please be determined in your efforts because the food waste stream requires careful sorting and is most prone to contamination from things like cups, condiment packages and soiled napkins. Stickers, signs and sometimes people are required to make this happen properly and we only suggest it if you are ready to devote the resources necessary. We can supply you with collection carts, compostable liner bags made from corn starch, and even signs if you’re willing to give the effort.

More Information on Recycling and Composting at Special Events

Check out this excellent, comprehensive guide on how to navigate waste diversion for special events.

Tips on Reducing Waste

A better approach is to reduce what is used in the first place. Here are some tips:

For More Assistance

For more information on recycling at events and tips on reducing waste at events contact UVM Recycling.