OSCAR: Office Supply Collection And Reuse Closet

billings The OSCAR Closet is located in Billings/Ira Allen Lecture Hall Building, down the long corridor past the Employee Training and Development offices. This new and improved OSCAR space has better shelving and access making it easier for folks to drop off or pick up used office supplies. (We plan to remain in this space for at least until Billings Hall undergoes major renovation.)

What is OSCAR? 

OSCAR stands for Office Supply Collection And Reuse. It refers to a physical place where University departments and student clubs can redistribute reusable office supplies for others to use. OSCAR is a "self-service" program monitored by UVM Recycling staff. Drop off items you don't want; or pickup items you can use.  Don't spend money on new office supplies until you check out OSCAR. OSCAR is a FREE service.

Where is OSCAR?

OSCAR is located in Room I-112 which is near the MLK Lounge and down the hall from the Employee Training & Development classroom.  The door is never locked! Just stop by anytime.

Items Suitable for OSCAR:

Here's how it works: