Move-Out Week Info


Too Much Stuff!  Give it up for Good!

UVM students! Donate your unwanted stuff during the last week of school, and help minimize the amount of waste sent to a landfill while helping out local non-profit groups. Last year, the program collected almost 5 tons-- or 10,000 pounds-- of clothing, food, toiletries and household items.

Live On-Campus? 

During Finals Week, look for large collection barrels set up in all residence hall main lobbies. UVM Recycling staff will collect the following materials:

The UVM Recycling crew will pick up the donated items and consolidate them in a central storage area. The donated items are then picked up by various community-based non-profit organizations. This keeps useful stuff out of the trash, and directs it for reuse by others.  For example, last year, over one ton of food was donated to the Vermont Food Bank.

What About Bigger Stuff, Like Furniture?

The "Take It or Leave It" areas will be set up during the week of May 11 - 14, 2010

From May 11 - 14,  bring larger and bulky items such as couches, rugs, carpets, cement blocks, appliances and furniture to the designated "Take It or Leave It" collection areas outside each residence hall. 

Local non-profit agencies and community organizations are invited to remove and salvage any usable furniture and items from these areas only.  Items are available on a first come first serve, "hit or miss" basis, but we know that most of the items will be brought outside by students on Thursday and Friday afternoon, May 13 - 14, and early Saturday morning May 15th.


The "Take It or Leave It" areas will be set up during the week of May 11 - 14, 2010

Which Agencies Get the Donations?


 This year, the following organizations will be receiving donated items: 

For more information, contact UVM Recycling Program at 656-4191 or email