Freecycle@Work at UVM

In October 2010, we activated a new "Freecycle@Work" website for University of Vermont staff, faculty and employees. Freecycle@Work is an on-line system for exchanging reusable items within the UVM workplace. Think of it as a virtual OSCAR (Office Supply Collection And Reuse) where you can post items from your office or browse items that other departments no longer need.  It can be a great way to get rid of or find office supplies, laboratory supplies & equipment, computer supplies and other small items to keep them in circulation among UVM departments. You can upload a photo of the item too.

UVM Guidelines:

Here's the link to get started:

The "Freecycle@Work" site does not replace the existing OSCAR program nor the UVM Surplus program. It is simply another way to encourage reuse and redeployment of UVM assets WITHIN UVM before they go out to the general public Surplus Barn, the recycling bin, or the landfilll.