A-Z Recycling & Waste Disposal Guide


Recyclable Items

Hazardous Wastes

Appliances Aerosol Cans
Cans & Bottles Batteries
Cardboard & Boxboard Biohazardous Wastes
Cell Phones Broken Fluorescent Bulbs
Computers/Electronic Waste Chemical Wastes
Concrete Fluorescent Bulbs
Confidential Paper/Shredded Paper Mercury Thermometers
Food Waste/Compost  
Film Transparencies Paint & Paint Cans
Glass Propane/Stove Fuel
Hard Cover Books Needles & "Sharps"
Kitchen Oil and Grease Sterno Fuel
Newspaper and Magazines
Office Paper
Scrap Metal
Surplus Furniture
"Techno Trash"
Wood & Pallets

Not on the list? Not sure? Email UVM Recycling.

Questions about disposing of hazardous wastes? Email UVM Environmental Safety.