Office Collection by One Revolution Bicycle

UVM Recycling has teamed up with One Revolution, a local member-owned bicycle collection service, and the UVM Bike Users Group (B.U.G.) to provide a unique compost collection service to UVM offices. Over 45 office locations are now participating.

Selected offices received a small food scraps bag to keep in their kitchen or lunchroom. Offices were provided with a Welcome Card and Printed Guidelines to post in their office kitchen on what to compost.

Once per week, a One Revolution cyclist picks up the full bag, replaces it with an empty one, and "cycles" the food scraps to a central collection point on campus.  From there, a larger truck transports the material, along with other compostables from campus, to the Green Mountain Compost facility located in Williston.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why is this program being implemented?

UVM already collects 9 tons of food waste per week from campus dining hall locations for composting.  The collection system --which involves large compost carts picked up by a truck each day-- is not well suited for office buildings.  One Revolution and B.U.G. suggested a bicycle-based collection service, and. UVM Recycling agreed to test pilot the program.The goal of the program is to divert additional food waste from landfill disposal, in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

How were offices selected to participate?

In April 2011, an on-line survey was sent out to all staff and departments on campus. About sixty staff members responded and expressed interest in participating. The planning team reviewed responses and B.U.G. conducted in-person visits to each potential site. Offices were selected based on this criteria:  building location, access to kitchenette,  office occupant interest, number of people who use the kitchenette on a regular basis, and types and quantity of food waste generated.. 

What offices and buildings are participating?

Who supplies the bags? What are they made of?

UVM Recycling purchases special compostable bags.from Bag-to-Earth. These are small and sturdy and will stand up on their own on a kitchen counterrtop. The bags are lined with a leak-proof cellulose liner. One Revolution distributes the bags during their collection route.

When are the full bags picked up?

One Revolution does a once per week collection on either Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon.  They transport the waste via bicycles with a pull-behind trailer to a central collection spot. All loads will be weighed to track progress.

What if the bag gets filled up prior to the regular collection day?

We think twice per week pickup will be sufficient for most offices. However, if the bag fills up sooner, offices may choose to place it in their freezer or refrigerator until the next regularly scheduled pickup day.  Extra bags can be provided to offices who generate more than average food waste.

Will there be odors? 

Previous tests with the bag in several UVM offices have shown there are no problems with odors. The bag is breathable which allows air to circulate and prevents the organic material from turning "anaerobic" (meaning: lacking oxygen) which is typically what causes foul odors in tightly sealed plastic pails. Offices are also being provided with a "bag clip" to help close the top of the bag between uses.

Who do I contact with questions about pickup day, or if a pickup was missed? 

Email One Revolution at or phone 1-877-4BIKEVT if you have questions about your office pickup service. Be sure to specify your office location and building when contacting One Revolution directly.

What does the program cost?

UVM Recycling has hired One Revolution to provide the collection service and is covering all operating costs. One Revolution is an employee owned LLC company and cyclists provide their own bicycles and collection trailers.

Can other offices participate in the program?

At this time, UVM Recycling is only offering this collection service to the specific offices which were selected for the Pilot program. The program will be evaluated in terms of cost, efficiency and interest prior to any expansion.  In the meanwhile, offices may contact UVM Recycling about other options to voluntarily collect food scraps and transport them elsewhere on campus.  

What other services does One Revolution provide?  

For several years, One Revolution has distributed the Vermont Cynic newspaper via bicycle. The company also offers residential compost collection, and courier services in the downtown Burlington area.  Visit their website for more details.