In Residential Areas

mini_compost_pail Students have asked for the opportunity to collect food waste from their rooms and student kitchens in the residence halls. UVM Recycling has asked the UVM Eco-Reps Program to help with this pilot collection program. Students can get small plastic tubs which can be used to store food scraps prior to composting. (Okay, so these are really empty 32-oz yogurt containers, but we put a nice sticker on them and call them "a compost tub").   Students then must bring their own food waste to one of the existing compost collection sites on campus-- generally these are the dining hall locations.  Students are responsible for emptying and cleaning out their own compost tub; the Housekeeping staff will not be picking up food waste. 

If you would like your very own small compost tub, please email  <> and let us know your name, residence hall, and room number...and an Eco-Rep will deliver one to you.