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Recycling & Waste Management

OSCAR: Office Supply Collection And Reuse

The UVM Office Supply Collection And Reuse (OSCAR) room is closed.

OSCAR has been a service of UVM Recycling since 2001 when we first opened it as a "reuse" room in Billings/Ira Allen Chapel for staff and students to trade and reuse office supplies. During its tenure, the program served as a low cost, self-service convenient location for staff and students to swap reusable office supplies saving departments money and keeping stuff out of the landfill. Through our log book, we know that dozens of departments have benefited from OSCAR and collectively have saved hundreds of dollars in office supply purchases.

In January 2016, the central administration asked us to vacate the OSCAR space permanently as part of a "strategic space planning" move to make way for other University functions in Ira Allen Chapel.

The future of the OSCAR program is uncertain. No replacement space has been identified for the program, and we've been asked to evaluate whether the program is still needed and/or to devise other options for reuse.

We invite the university community to please take this brief survey to provide your ideas on how we might continue this simple and effective reduce, reuse, recycle program on our campus.

Thank you for your support.

Please take the OSCAR Survey now.

Last modified January 22 2016 04:06 PM