University of Vermont

Recycling & Waste Management

Special Programs and Projects

Recycling and composting practices are good, but our ultimate goal is to create "less waste" in the first place and to use our materials and resources more wisely..

"Zero Waste"

"Zero Waste" refers to a philosophy of changing business practices, personal and institutional habits, and purchasing decisions to result in less waste or "zero" waste.

Partnerships with other UVM Stakeholders

In addition to the Special Programs and Projects we coordinate, we rely on the partnerships and cooperation of other University departments to accomplish our waste reduction goals.

Examples of Our Campus Zero Waste Efforts
  • Tray-Free Dining: University Dining Services eliminated the use of trays in three "all you care to eat" resident dining areas. This action has reduced the amount of "post consumer" food leftovers by about 40%.

  • UVM Telecommuncations Department discontinued publishing the hardbound copy of the Staff, Faculty & Student Directory. This decision has eliminated seven (7) tons of telephone books annually from our system.

  • Procurement Services contracts with an office supply vendor who uses reusable corrugated plastic shipping boxes to deliver supplies around campus. This practice has greatly reduced the use of corrugated cardboard shipping boxes on campus.

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