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UVM Student Move-Out Week

Student Move-Out week

Donate Your Stuff!

Donate your unwanted stuff during the last week of school - reduce the amount of waste you send to a landfill while helping out local non-profit groups. Last year, our program collected almost five tons-- that's 10,000 pounds-- of clothing, bedding, food, toiletries and household items.

BIG Stuff (Furniture, Rugs, Appliances)- Take it Outside...

Bring large, heavy and bulky items such as couches, rugs, carpets, cement blocks, appliances, refrigerators, microwaves, lamps & furniture to the OUTDOOR "Take It or Leave It" spots designated around each residence hall.

"Take it or Leave it" areas will be set up during Finals Week.

Please roll up rugs and carpets neatly! And, please set your stuff outside EARLY IN THE DAY.... as anything left outside after sundown might end up as trash.

Collection trucks from ReSOURCE, Habitat for Humanity and other agencies will be making the rounds on Thursday and Friday of Finals Week to pick up useful furniture. Other community organizations and individuals are also allowed to remove and salvage stuff from these designated "Take it of Leave it" areas.

Check the Map for the "Take it or Leave it" spot nearest your hall.

View UVM "Take it or Leave it" Areas in a larger map

SMALLER Stuff (Clothing & Food) - Bring it to Lobby

During Finals Week, look for collection barrels inside your Residence Hall Complex main lobby. These barrels are for smaller items sorted into these 4 categories:

  • Clothing
    All items must be clean. Please bundle or tie shoes together so they don't lose each other! 

  • Blankets & Linens
    All items must be clean. Includes towels, linens, bedding, pillows, etc.

  • Food and Toiletries
    Must be un-opened packages. No perishables please.

  • Small Household Items
    Includes dishes, baskets, lamps, art supplies, school supplies, pots and pans, vases, brooms, small appliances, toasters, decorations, etc. Please wrap fragile and glass items in newspaper! NO SHARP KNIVES.

Where Does your Stuff GO?


The UVM Recycling crew picks up smaller items each day and consolidate donations in a central storage area. Your donated items are then given directly to various community-based non-profit organizations. This keeps useful stuff out of the trash, and directs it for reuse by others. The following organizations receive donated items collected in this effort:

Live Off-Campus or Downtown?

Click here for info about the Spring Move Out Project (SMOP) which happens at the end of May in downtown neighborhoods.

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