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Move-In Day Recycling Tips


PLEASE think about what you actually need when you arrive. It's tempting to bring and buy a lot of "stuff" when coming to college, but UVM culture is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Come to campus and get settled in before going out and buying lots of stuff that you may not need. The UVM Bookstore has got you covered once you know you need something.

DO BRING a refillable coffee mug, a reusable water bottle, and reusable utensils for eating on the go. You get discounts at campus eateries when you bring your own refillable container. First year students can join the reusable take-out program known as EcoWare. Click here for more info.


After unpacking please bring your materials to the designated disposal stations outside your building. You will see trash and recycling stations. It is important to separate cardboard and paper from plastic and foam-based packing materials. PLEASE do your part to help separate your packaging so we can recycle as much as possible. There will be folks to help and don't be shy about asking questions.

Last year, UVM recycled over 5 tons of corrugated cardboard on Move-In Day alone!

Once You're Settled In: RECYCLE

Your res hall room is equipped with a blue mini-bin for recycling. Recycling at UVM is "single-stream" or "all in one" which means all of your plastic, glass and aluminum bottles (including shampoo and laundry detergent bottles), soup and food cans, all types of paper, mail (including mail with envelope windows), magazines (including glossy cover magazines) and more can go right into that mini-bin and then brought to your hall's trash & recycling area.

Take the extra step: COMPOST

UVM runs a Residence Hall Compost Program for food scraps and compostable materials. You can pick up a small food waste bag at the front desk. It's a small brown bag that looks like a paper lunch sack. Once full, deposit it into the green compost container in the front lobby of your building. Make sure the green cart is lined first!

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