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Special Events Recycling

When hosting an event on campus, careful consideration and advance planning can help reduce the waste and environmental impacts often associated with large outdoor events.

How to Request Recycling Services

It's up to the conference host ("Requester") to ask for special recycling and composting services at their events. This can all be done through the University's Virtual EMS (for Event Management System) on line. Consult the Conference and Event Services website for instructions and details.

Even if you are not serving bottled or canned beverages at your event, it's a good idea to have recycling bins available for attendees who may bring in their own. We recommend placing a recycling bin next to each trash can therefore making it easy for attendees to find the bins.

The Conference and Event Services team responds to all Virtual EMS requests. They are an important partner in our recycling and composting efforts. The CAES crew will consult with UVM Recycling on unique and special needs, but for the most part CAES crew handles all aspects of recycling and trash removal at special outdoor events.

What about Composting at an Event?

At certain high-profile outdoor events such as Student Orientation and Staff Appreciation Day, we can set up service for collecting food waste. Planning ahead is key! Careful sorting of food waste and packaging is a must, and we generally expect the event "host" to play an active role in educating attendees and/or supplying volunteers to help monitor the bins throughout the event. If your department is interested in having this service you must contact UVM Recycling in advance. We can supply stickers, signs and carts. There is a fee for this service.

Check out our video about the Zero Waste Picnic for Orientation.

Resources on Special Events Recycling and Composting

Northeast Recycling Council guide

Tips on Reducing Waste

  • Try using "real" plates, cups and utensils rather than disposable plastic or paper.
  • Encourage attendees to bring their own cups, and serve beverages in bulk (punchbowls or pitchers, rather than single-serve bottles).
  • Attempt an event where everyone brings their own utensils.
  • Minimize the number of paper handouts and trinkets given to attendees.

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