University of Vermont

Recycling & Waste Management

Flyers and Posters

Please feel free to download and hang these posters.
Do not throw used CFL bulbs in the garbage! (pdf)
Information on how to properly dispose of used CFL bulbs
Help the compost pile: feed the cycle that feeds you. (pdf)
Instructions on what you can and cannot compost, as well as information on the compost process.
Where does all your garbage go? (pdf)
Lists the different locations that waste materials are sent to from UVM.
Pitch in! Pitch it in the recycling bin! (pdf)
Information on the proper disposal of laundry detergent bottles.
Recycle these materials in your bin (pdf)
Lists the kinds of materials that can be recycled in blue bins.
Donate your old cell phone and help battered women (pdf)
Information on where you can bring your old cell phone so it can be donated to Women Helping Battered Women.
Avoid water wrapped in oil (pdf)
The same petroleum you put in your car is used to make the water bottles you drink out of everyday.
Message from the Earth(pdf)
Lists reasons to stop drinking bottled water.
Kick the bottled water habit (pdf)
Encourages the use of refillable water bottles.

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