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Where does it all go?

Where Does Your Recycling Go?

Many people just "throw away" all of their stuff and might not know where it goes. If you wonder where is "away" on. First, Custodial staff empty the bins inside your building and bring the material to the loading dock area. From there, the UVM Recycling crew or contractors pick up the materials on a schedule or by special Service Request. Here's the rundown on where everything really goes:

Trash (Solid Waste) Our trash gets dumped at a solid waste transfer station in Williston, and then packed into a large semi-trailer which goes to a landfill in Coventry, Vermont. Our contracted hauler is Casella, a Rutland-based company with national reach. Casella Waste Systems.
Paper and Containers Single stream or "Zero Sort" recyclables are all delivered to the Material Recovery Facility in Williston, and sorted into various categories (grades of paper, glass, plastic, metal, etc.) to be sent to factories and mills to be recycled into new products.
Food Waste
The food waste from dining halls and kitchens is trucked to the Green Mountain Compost facility which is owned and operated by CSWD. Here, our food waste is turned into nutrient rich soil.
Scrap Wood & Pallets Clean scrap wood, lumber and pallets from campus chipped and then burned as biomass fuel to make electricity at Burlington's biomass plant: the McNeil Generating Station
Old Computers & Electronics Our e-waste is shipped to a certified recycling facility in Middlebury Vermont called  Good Point Recycling  (f.k.a. American Retroworks).  Computers are disassembled and ALL components of the computers (metals, plastic casings, CRT glass, batteries, etc.) get recycled.
Scrap Metal Old metal chairs, pipes, mufflers and the like are hauled to a scrap metal yard in northern Vermont, where ferrous and non-ferrous metals and separated and sent to steel mills and smelting plants.
Used Cooking Oil
Used cooking oil and grease from the dining areas of campus is collected by  Smart Fuel America and is converted into industrial boiler fuel.
Appliances Freon-containing appliances like refrigerators and freezers are taken to the CSWD Hazardous Waste Environmental Depot for freon removal and recycling.
Concrete Old concrete and cinder blocks are taken to Marcelino Company in South Burlington, and crushed and recycled into new aggregate for roads and pavement.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Ballasts and Batteries

These are sent to Complete Recycling Solutions, a facility in Massachusetts which takes apart the bulbs to yield: elemental mercury, aluminum and glass.

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