University of Vermont

Recycling & Waste Management

Recycling stations located in all Res Halls

Most buildings have recycling and trash carts at the end of each hallway on every floor, or in the lounge or basement.

Recycling in the Residence Halls

Recycling in UVM residence halls is easy and convenient for all students. Every student room is provided with a recycling box. (The box is considered part of the room inventory and should be left in the room at year's end for new students to use next year). Recycling guidelines are printed on the box and posted throughout the hall.  Students can use the box to keep paper, cans and bottles separated from other trash.

Students are responsible for removing their own trash and recycling from their rooms, and bringing material to the central collection carts. In each location, the carts are marked for either "Recycling” or “Trash.” Please be sure to put items in the proper cart. If too much trash is mixed in with the recycling, then it will be considered contaminated and it cannot be sent to the recycling facility. 

Corrugated cardboard and pizza boxes CAN be recycled! Boxes must be emptied and stacked neatly on the floor next to the Recycling Cart. (No pizza crusts, napkins, or plastic box liners, please.)

Each day, the Residential Life Housekeeping staff carry the trash and recycling down to the loading dock. (Be sure to thank them for helping to recycle!) UVM Recycling staff collect the materials from there.

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