University of Vermont

Recycling & Waste Management

Offices & Academic Buildings

Staff, faculty, students and visitors will find a variety of recycling bins conveniently located throughout all academic, administrative and laboratory buildings. Because our program has evolved --literally over two decades-- there are many generations of bins of differing colors, sizes and styles on campus. No worries! All recycle bins accept the same materials.

Contact us to discuss best recycling bin options for your area. For new buildings and new spaces, bins must be special ordered in advance.

Bins In Use on Campus

Type of Bin Looks Like This: Where Used Source (Manufacturer)
At-Desk Box Small green plastic boxes for use by individual staff and faculty. These fit under or on top of a desk. These are not emptied by custodial staff.
Green Recycle Bin Larger than at-desk box. Similar to a residential curbside box. These can be used as central collection bin for a small office or group of people, or near a copier machine.
Smart-Sort Bins These are the current "standard" bins that are used in administrative and academic buildings.
Blue "Half Moon" Bin These are typically used in General Purpose classroom areas.
Midpoint Multi Bins These are custom ordered, multi-compartment bins that are used in high profile public buildings such as the Davis Center. They are also made from recycled plastic material.
Roll Carts or "Toter" Carts These are primarily used for office cleanouts, and we will deliver these upon request to any department cleaning out old files, books, trash, etc.
Central Bins (Old Style) Up until 2005, these were the standard bin used on campus. Made of a rugged powder-coated steel, they are still in use in several of our older academic buildings. No longer available.
"Triple" Bins These are no longer in use. In the 1990's a student design contest came up with this idea, and a local metal fabricator assembled these custom made containers which turned out to be a not-so-good design that posed many handling challenges for staff. No longer available.

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