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Stove Fuels

Stove Fuels are used as the fuel source for camping stoves and lanterns. Stove Fuels can contain white gas, butane, isobutene or some other type of gas blend, depending on stove size and your fuel preference.  Stove fuels are mostly found at the UVM Outing Club.


Stove Fuels are flammable. The fuel in the canisters are liquid gas or pressurized gas in small canisters or cylinders.  Empty stove fuel canisters cannot go into the regular trash because they are pressurized.  The metal can be recycled only if the pressure is released and the container is completely empty.

Disposal at UVM

Empty Stove Fuel canisters are collected by UVM Environmental Safety staff. Please call 656-5400 or email them at for a pickup.

Final Destination

Environmental Safety staff remove the pressure nozzle of the canister so that the empty metal canister can then be recycled safely as scrap metal.

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