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Erica's Vermicomposting Tips and Links for UVM

Vermicomposting Information

Vermicomposting is a low tech, small scale method to compost vegetative food scraps in an enclosed box using "red wiggler" worms. Several student groups have established temporary vermicompost projects around campus, including the University Heights Greenhouse Compost Guild and the Greening of Aiken 2010 Vermicompost Project .

Where To Purchase "Red Wiggler" Worms In Vermont

There are several worm farmers in Vermont, but red wiggler worms can be shipped from nearly anywhere, depending on season and temperatures for shipping. Call around and compare! 

Build Your Own Worm Bin...

Don't be intimidated by the word "build."  Building your own bin can be as simple as drilling holes in a plastic tote, or complex as constructing a wood box with nice hinged lid. 

...or Purchase a Pre-Made Bin or Kit

UVM Recycling does not endorse nor advocate any particular product. In fact, I'm a fan of the "build your own from a plastic storage tote or wood box" method. Regardless of what style or type of bin you make or purchase, vermicomposting is simple, easy and very low maintenance. The most time-consuming step will be "harvesting" (i.e., separating) the worms and finished compost at the end of the compost process, and the style of bin will affect harvesting method. Some systems work better than others.  (I've had challenges with the "stackable" designs as I've found the worms do not necessarily travel upwards on their own as promised). Do a web search for "vermicompost bins" or "worm composting bins" and you'll find many commercially available ones if that is the route you choose.

More Information Links

There are hundreds of websites about how to vermicompost. Here are some useful ones:

Books in Print

There is only one book that I whole-heartedly recommend. This is a "classic" and still in print: "Worms Eat My Garbage" by Mary Appelhof.

If you have good web resources to add, let me know!

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