James Hinson

Cyrus Carey Intramural Sports Coordinator

Contact Information
Phone: (802)656-7713
Email: Cyrus.Carey@uvm.edu

BA of psychology with a Minor in Business Administration at the University of Vermont

Cyrus, a native Vermonter, graduated from UVM in May of 2012 and joined UVM as Intramural Sports Coordinator in August of 2012.  Cyrus had worked as an Intramural Sports Official, Intramural Sports Supervisor, and Intramural Sports Manager during his undergraduate career at UVM.  He enjoys officiating basketball and flag football.  Cyrus is an avid sports fan and also enjoys hiking and playing basketball, football, softball, and wiffleball in his spare time.  He is very interested in music and adding to his ever-growing music library.  He enjoys traveling to Delaware for vacations and hanging out with his family and dog Luska.


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