Jean-Marie Mellichamp

Jean-Marie Mellichamp Ballet & Ancient Hawaiian/Flamenco

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Jean-Marie has studied ballet for many years, has performed world dance throughout New England, and flamenco in Europe. La Meri, who is considered by many to be the mother of ethnic dance in the USA, was and is her inspiration for the study of ethnic dance. She performed with La Meri's Ethnic Dance Arts Repertory Company for 3 years, returning afterwards for guest performances and has studied with Manolo Vargas and Margaret Craske, among others. She has also cofounded several dance companies based in the Boston area and performed for 5 years with the Vermont Council on the Arts Touring Register.

Currently she performs with the Vermont Dance Collective, directed by Maris Wolff, teaches in her own studio, and has taught at UVM for about 10 years. She recently received her MA in anthropology from SUNY Albany, writing her Master's paper on dance in the Neolithic Near East after a 2-year study of the Sumerian language, researching literature, linguistic evidence, and cylinder seals.

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