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Fitness Frenzy

SATURDAY, March 22nd

  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Location: Indoor Lower Track

Test your fitness skills out in our Fitness Frenzy event! There will be four main events and giveaways for all participants! First 25 participants to register will recieve a FREE water bottle!

List of Events:

  • Sloshing Around
    • Carry a slosh tube (PVC pipe filled with water) any way possible around an obstacle course.
  • Medball Launch
    • Throw a medicine ball as far as possible along a straight path
  • Flipping Out
    • Flip a tractor tire over as many times as possible in a minute
  • Drag and Roll
    • Pull two kettlebells on a rope as quickly as possible through a sand pit, then take off on an ab wheel and navigate through a course.

Registration Deadline: March 19th (online only)

Registration open to all UVM students, faculty/staff, and members. Register online here.

Questions? Contact us at


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Our Mission

Campus Recreation at the University of Vermont is committed to making student participation in recreational activities an essential component of the UVM experience. By providing outstanding programming, leadership and facilities, we meet the recreational interests of the diverse student body. Our efforts are focused on activities that create positive social interaction, opportunities for education and development, and promotion of healthy lifestyles among students, faculty/staff and community.