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Facility Reservation Guidelines:
  • All requests for space within the Athletics facilities should be coordinated through Leon Lifschutz, Club Sports Coordinator - or 802.656.8723

  • Once schedules are confirmed an email confirmation will be sent and the online schedule will be available on the CLUB SPORTS SCHEDULE PAGE

  • Respecting Reserved Time: Please keep your practices/events to the time reserved. It is equally important to be respectful of the space and time other groups have reserved (all groups not just other clubs). Keep off of the playing surface, outside of the gates, out of the stuio, etc... until it is your scheduled time. If there are groups who aren't being respectful of reserved time/space please bring it to Leon's attention.
No Shows

Space in the athletic facility is in high demand.  We ask that you not reserve space that you are not going to use.  There are too many groups that are not getting enough space to have time wasted.  The below policy will be in place to help ensure that we are efficiently using the space in our facilities:

  • 2 no shows = 1 week loss of facility use

  • 1 additional no show = 2 additional weeks loss of facility space

  • Any additional no shows = loss of space for the remainder of the semester.

If clubs would like to cancel a practice and have it not count as a no show, then they must notify Leon Lifschutz  ( or 802.656.8723) by 12pm (noon) on the day of the event.  Cancellations for Saturdays and Sundays must be done by Friday at 12pm (noon). If Leon is unavailable (i.e., out of office reply) please contact

Individual Facility Guidelines

Biometric scanners have been installed in select locations to allow our participants an additional access option to the facility. Participants must first register at the Campus Recreation front desk to get started. Learn more about this new technology and how it works with the following resources:

If you have questions about these policies please contact:

Cyrus Carey
Assistant Director - Operations
Campus Recreation
University of Vermont
101 Recreation & Fitness Center
Burlington, VT 05405
Office Phone: 802.656.7675


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