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Physical Education Classes

Instructor Directory & Bios

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Instructor Email Course(s) Taught
Ali Marchildon Stand Up Paddleboarding (Fall only)
Andrea Charest & Steve Charest Rock Climbing
Cara Hancy

Lifeguard Training, Water Safety Instructor Training, Group Fitness, Swim for Fitness, Swimming 1-3, Swimming 3-4
Dan Linde Kickboxing for Self-Defense
Dennis Kovalchick Military Fitness
Jean-Marie Mellichamp Ballet
Jen Guimaraes Sailing (Fall Only)
John McConnell Yoga & Mindfulness
Kevin Lizzo Tennis (Fall Only)
Lois Trombley Hip Hop, Cabaret Jazz
Martha Harding Figure Skating
Matt Tucker Squash
Mike Corley Bowling
Mike Rebeor Exercise & Weight Management, Advanced Physical Conditioning
Olivia Johnson Cycling & Heart Rate Training
Patsy McLaughlin Archery, Bowling, Jogging for Fitness, Volleyball, 5k/10k Training
Peter Olson Ice Hockey
Rebecca Brookes & David Larson
Ballroom Dance, Swing & Salsa
Sarab Kaur (Tuttle) Yoga & Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Relaxation, Intro to Yoga


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