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Membership - Eligible to Purchase with Sponsor as a Friend of UVM

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Friends of UVM allows community members not affiliated with the university to purchase a membership through sponsorship of one of our current members. If you are a community member, you must first:

  • Know a sponsor who is a current member with Campus Recreation either through their benefits or purchased membership to sign a sponsorship agreement.
  • To purchase your membership, please stop by the front desk during operating hours. Both you and your sponsor will need to be present with photo IDs to sign the agreement. Payment for membership will be due in full at time of purchase. Campus Recreation policy does not provide refunds on memberships. Appointments typically take about 10-15 minutes. For membership questions, our office may be contacted via email at or by phone at 802.656.3070.

Membership Dues and Options

  • Full Facility (No Restrictions)
    • Full Calendar Year (12 Months) - $400.00
    • Half Year (Six Months) - $250.00
    • 3 Months - $135.00
    • 20 Visit Card (Expires in one year from purchase) - $100.00
    • 1 Visit Guest Pass (Purchase at Campus Rec Front Desk) - $7.00
  • Pool Only
    • 3 Months - $75.00
    • 6 Months - $120.00
    • 12 Months - $200.00
    • 1 Visit Guest Pass (Purchase at Campus Rec Front Desk) - $7.00

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