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Total Life Solution

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NEW 12 Week education workshop beginning in March!

Total Life Solution - What participants will learn:

  • The difference between Lifestyle & Diet   
  • Being “thin” does NOT necessarily mean “healthy”
  • Maintain maximum energy levels throughout the day
  • Learn which foods are the right foods for you – everyone is different!
  • Managing health by strategically targeting Body Composition
  • A little exercise can go a long way & fit into anyone’s schedule
  • The foods we eat can affect ALL kinds of health challenges
  • Nutrition is a vital part of good health
  • The key to great metabolism

Total Life Solution is not a "diet" or a program that will lead you away from yourself, but rather is a "lifestyle" that brings you closer to yourself.  Registered dietitian, Alissa Robertson will lead you through a comprehensive workshop designed to help you explore eating that will support your overall health in a balanced way.

Total Life Solution, a Transitions Lifestyle Systemâ„¢, provides a holistic approach to weight management that promotes healthy food choices, realistic movement, stress management, reflective journaling, and supportive supplementation.

  • Cost: $350 - includes 12 weekly meetings, TLS guide book, and 1 month supply of supplements (NutraMetrix Multi-Vitamin, B-Complex and Omega-3 Fish Oils)
  • When: Thursdays 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Where: University of Vermont, Athletic Complex Room 117
  • Dates: March 15th - May 31st

Alissa Robertson is a Registered Dietitian and Health Educator for the Vermont State Employees' Wellness Program. She has over 10 years of experience working with individuals who wish to optimize their nutrition and/or improve their lifestyle management skills in order to live more fully in their bodies. She has a holistic philosophy and approach that celebrates healthy eating and healthy bodies in an innovative, motivating, and supportive manner. Alissa enjoys being in the outdoors running, hiking, walking, skiing, biking, playing soccer or snowshoeing. Physical activity is a major part of who she is and when she is happiest.

Her work as a nutritionist reflects her love and appreciation of food and respect for the human body. Nutrition is the key to enhancing all that we do in life. By definition nutrition is "the organic processed of being nourished." Food should be friend, fuel, and fun. Whether your goals are to restore or maintain health, improve ones relationship with food or exercise, improve athletic performance, or treat and prevent disease, her approach always remains centered around your individual needs. Through education and a sharing of her own passion and respect for health, she invites individuals to contemplate their own desires through a deeper sense of awareness and trust in oneself. 

For more information, contact

Alissa C. Robertson, MS, RD

802.999.5684 /

Nutrition Specialist and Owner

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