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UVM Teacher Training StudioThe UVM training also offers the following advantages over other teacher trainings:
• Ability to receive certification while pursuing an academic degree
• Extensive teaching opportunities to practice with "real" students on the UVM campus
• Chance to deepen your college experience and community
• Program can be paid through student loans or grants with VSAC

The UVM Campus Recreation Yoga Teacher Training Program will expand your knowledge of the foundations of yoga, transform your yoga practice, and deepen your understanding of yourself. Successful completion of the course meets the necessary requirements by Yoga Alliance to become a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

The UVM Yoga Teacher Training will give you practice, confidence and knowledge to step into the role of the teacher so you can share the wonderful art, science and philosophy that is yoga. You’ll learn to cultivate the innate teacher that is already inside of you and realize your true greatness as a person and teacher.

The training will include:

  • Unique practicum opportunity to be mentored while teaching “real” students through UVM Campus Recreation yoga class
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga anatomy & physiology with guest lecturer
  • Teaching methods - demonstration, observation, and assisting
  • Creating a positive student experience
  • Creative sequencing
  • Using music in class
  • Teaching with a theme
  • Learning appropriate yoga adjustments
  • Studying various yoga styles including Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini, Anusara, Ashtanga and more
  • Learning to teach special populations from pre-natal to senior citizens
  • Having fun!


If you are considering this program then you already realize the transformative power of yoga. This is an opportunity to deepen your personal practice and have the training to teach professionally, this teacher training will give you a well-rounded foundation of all aspects of yoga.

The UVM Campus Recreation Yoga Teacher Training program gives students the unique opportunity to receive a Yoga Alliance 200-hr Teacher Training at an affordable price while attending school. This training meets the same requirements as all other certified programs, but at a price that makes it one of the least expensive yoga teacher trainings in the country.

Come be part of a supportive community that will transform your practice and help you take the distinguished seat of a yoga teacher.

Experienced Yoga Teacher John McConnell teaches yoga classes and workshops in Vermont and Massachusetts. He has been studying yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2002. John’s teaching style is light-hearted and supportive. He loves to help students not only grow in their yoga practice, but grow as positive contributors to our society.

His philosophy is that the practice of yoga unveils the innate goodness in all of us. His physically challenging classes help students push their limits and deepen their experience and understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Students describe his classes as hands-on, supportive, relaxed and non-competitive. Students feel safe and well-cared-for. “John has a wonderful demeanor and is helpful and encouraging... his explanations are very clear...I enjoy his great humor and welcoming approach.” The founder of YogaLive! and, John currently teaches in the Burlington community and at UVM, where he developed UVM’s “Yoga & Mindfulness” program. He produces weekly online yoga videos and teaches yoga for kayakers at kayak symposiums across the country.

In addition to John McConnell we are committed to providing students a wide range of guest lectures and the support of an assistant for the full training.

Registration begins February 14, 2015 (NOW FULL)

Registration closes August 15, 2015

Enrollment capacity: 18 minimum and 32 maximum

Participation Requirements:

Teach a minimum of 8 yoga classes
Besides the weekend sessions, one of the aspects of this training that makes it unique is the opportunity of students to practice teach by within campus departments and organizations in the UVM community.   Arrangements are made between host organizations and the student to work out the best schedule.  Assistance in provided to find appropriate hosts for every student in the program.
Attend 15 class sessions held on Thursday night from 5:15-7:00 pm
These Thursday night sessions are a great chance for students to stay connected with each other while practicing, and after each class 1/2 hour is set aside to have open group discussions about yoga, teaching, and anything else that comes up.
Attend All Weekend Sessions
All students will be required to attend all weekend sessions. If students miss a training and want to be considered for receiving a certificate it is their responsibility to submit a plan in writing of how they will make up the hours missed. This appeal process is limited to one per a student. This appeal must be approved by the instructor prior to the program graduation date.  Even though there is a possibility of graduating without attending all weekend sessions through this appeal process, it is strongly advised to do everything possible to attend all sessions.  The experience of these weekend sessions cannot be made up, though the time can be.

Group Teach Teach one Saturday class in the Spring semester from 10:30-11:45am. This is a teaching oppertunity for each student to teach a full public group fitness class with 4-5 other teachers who are in the training. Each teacher in the group is given a 15 minute slot in the class to teach. The group will work to put together a collaborative class.

Expectations: It is our expectations that at each training students display a beginner's mind, display an interest in delving into intellectual learning and display aspirations to transform & evolve. 

Monthly Responsibilities: We expect students to continue their personal yoga and meditation practice. Assignments will be given related but not limited to journal writing, reading/writing, drawing practice teach in small groups outside the teacher training on and off campus, class observation, weekly class attendance with John (class fee included as part of the teacher training tuition) through Campus Recreation Fitness Programs.

Preferred pre-requisites: Students registering should have a sincere dedication and passion to evolving their yoga pratice. We recommend students have a foundation to build from such as a regular physical yoga practice of at least two times a week for one year prior to the training. Please note the more involved students can become in a yoga community after registering the more they will offer to the group dynamic during the training.

Please bring: 1yoga mat, personal journal, something to write with, and any required readings for session.

Required reading: 

(your choice of which Sutras)
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Sri Swami Satchidananda
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Edwin Bryant

(your choice of which Bhagavad GIta)
Bhagavad Gita, a New Translation - Stephen Mitchell

Bhagavad Gita, A Walkthrough for Westerners - Jack Hawley

Exquisite Love- William Mahony

Heart of The Yogi - Doug Keller

The Key Poses of Yoga - Ray Long

The Key Muscles of Yoga - Ray Long

Radiance Sutras - Lorin Roche

Reading of Interest:

The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice - Deborah Adele

Meditation For The Love of It - Sally Kempton

Light On Yoga - BKS Iyengar

Light On Pranayama - BKS Iyengar

Registration opened February 14, 2015 (listed under Programs: Instructional Rec Classes)

If you have program related questions please email for questions regarding registration and tuition email

Tuition Cost - 25% nonrefundable deposit due at registration

Early Registration Discount (February 14 to May 30, 2015)-

  • $1800 for UVM Campus Recreation Fitness Center members (students)
  • $2000 for staff, faculty and members
  • $2200 for non-members (community members)

For registration discount deadline full payment is due by Friday, May 29, 2015. There will be a $100 processing fee for all payments processed after this deadline. If full payment is not received by July 1st the student will be removed from the training without refund.

Regular Registration (after May 29, 2015) -

  • Additional $100 charge to early tution fee above
  • Full payment is due at registration
  • Registration closes August 14, 2015

Cancellation & payment policy: If a student decides to withdraw from the training any payments will not be refunded. If the student has a medical condition that makes it impossible to complete the training we will refund the student less the cost of each weekend the student has completed in the training and the 25% nonrefundable deposit. In order to be refunded the student must submit a physician's written statement. The Campus Recreation Fitness Program reserves the right to remove any students from this program if they do not meet the program expectations without refund. Students may not attend the training if they have an unpaid balance.

Dates 2015-2016 Training

Sept 4th - 6th
Oct 9th - 11th
Nov 20th - 22nd
Dec 11th - 13th
Jan 15th - 17th
Feb 12th-14th
March 18th - 20th
April 8th - 10th
April 29th - May 1st

Training Times
Friday: 7-9:30pm
Saturday: 8am-12:00pm
Saturday: 2pm-6pm
Sunday: 8am-12:00pm
Sunday: 2pm-6pm

UVM Campus Recreation Studio

Please feel free to contact Fitness Programs with any questions


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