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Campus Recreation values the importance of student development through preparing students to become Certified Group Fitness Instructors and/or Personal Trainers. We have partnered with the Physical Education Department to offer classes that are a semester-long and provide potential instructors and /or trainers with the education and experience to not only prepare for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) National Certification Exam but also gain hands on experience needed to become safe and effective in their role.

EDPE 200: Personal Training Exam Preparation Course – fall - 3 credits - no prerequisites required

This is a Personal Training preparation course with the option of registering for the American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certification. This course provides potential Personal Trainers with the information, instruction, education, and experience needed to become a safe and innovative trainer and successfully complete the ACE certification. This class will cover foundations in applied sciences and create relative fitness and instructional experiences to practice this knowledge. Students in this course will gain hands on experience through acting as both a client and trainer with classmates. It is strongly recommended that all students for this course register through UVM Campus Recreation for a Personal Training Starter package to gain exposure to our assessment, goal setting and program design process. The certification exam cost is not part of the course fee.

Iron Cats Lab - Intro to Personal Training Instructional Recreation Course – spring - prerequisite is that students completed the fall EDPE 200 Personal Training Course or they are a Certified Personal Trainer

This course is designed to give experienced students an opportunity to develop the skills to become a proficient Personal Trainer. This course is geared towards students who have passed their Personal Training Exam and/or passed the EDPE 200, three-credit Personal Training course in the fall. This lab is designed for students to develop their effectiveness as innovative and safe personal trainers. All students will be matched with at least one practice client from the UVM community. This course is an opportunity for new trainers to lead their clients through a minimum of six sessions with the supervision of a certified trainer. Students will apply the ACE Integrated Fitness Training™ (ACE IFT™) Model as a comprehensive system for designing individualized programs based on each client’s unique health, fitness, and goals. The ACE IFT Model will help students learn how to facilitate rapport, adherence, self-efficacy and behavior change in clients, as well as design programs that help clients to improve posture, movement, flexibility, balance, core function, cardiorespiratory fitness, and muscular endurance and strength. Students will be assessed on their client in-take, assessment, personal training sessions and program design.

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EDPE 200: Group Fitness Instructors in Training – Group Fitness Exam Preparation Course - spring - 3 credits - no prerequisites required

The Group Fitness Instructor Certification preparation course will give you the knowledge to design and teach any class better, lead all fitness levels effectively, and deliver experiences your participants will never forget. This course is designed to give students the knowledge and understanding necessary to prepare for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam and become effective group fitness instructors. This class will cover foundations in applied sciences and create relative fitness and instructional experiences to practice this knowledge. In this course students will sample and learn to lead modalities like step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, TRX, Pilates, Spinning, Yoga, strength training, core training and more. Earning a certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) will set you apart as a teacher who leads more than just the front row. The certification exam cost is not part of the course fee.

TRX Workshop-March 14th 2015 (click to register)
  • TRX Group Suspension Training:
    • Date: March 14th 2015
    • When: 9am-5pm
    • Where: Gutterson Multipurpose 217 (Spinning/TRX studio)
    • Workshop Description:
      • Expand your potential resources and maximize your revenue by bringing TRX Suspension Training to the scale of group fitness classes. This course will help you create fun and innovative classes adaptable to all fitness levels. You’ll not only learn TRX Suspension Training fundamentals, but how to incorporate a range of TRX strength and flexibility exercises into a group-training format. Completion of this course will also qualify you for Level 2 courses.
    • In the TRX Group Suspension Training Course, you'll learn how to:
      • Teach two different TRX group class formats
      • Design group TRX workouts to fit your own style
      • Cue techniques for group class settings
      • Properly set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer
      • Join the official TRX Directory of trainers and facilities
      • CEC List: ACE 0.7, AFAA 5.0, AFLCA 7.0, BCRPA 7.0, canfitpro 4.0, Fitness Australia 7.0, NASM 0.7, PTA Global 8.0, REPS 9.0, and SkillsActive REPS 8.0 (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)
Spinning Workshops - Jan. 31st- Feb. 1st 2015 (click to register)
  • Spinning Instructor Training:
    • Date: Jan. 31st
    • When: 8am-5pm
    • Where: Gutterson Multipurpose 217 (Spinning/TRX studio)
    • Workshop Description:
      • This comprehensive workshop will give you all the tools you need to become a certified Spinning instructor and lead your own classes in any of the 35,000+ Official Spinning Facilities worldwide. When you sign up, you'll receive the Spinning Instructor Manual for use as reference during your class, the Spinning Instructor Assessment and beyond. Upon completion of the Spinning Instructor Training, you will be eligible to take the Assessment test online at your convenience. Certification is active for two years from the date of your Instructor Training workshop, and with continuing education, can be maintained for a lifetime. Bring your gear and be ready for two great rides led by a Spinning Master Instructor. Workshop time (including two rides and a lunch break) is nine hours. In the Spinning Instructor Training, you'll learn how to:
        • Demystify cycling biomechanics
        • Instruct students on bike setup and safety
        • Develop strong coaching skills
        • Craft unforgettable class ride profiles
        • Incorporate heart rate training and the Spinning Energy Zones™
        • Use visualization techniques to enhance the mind/body connection
    • Cost Includes: Spinning Instructor's Manual, Spin Membership trial for six months, ACE 0.8 CECs, NASM 0.8 CEUs, AFAA 8.0 CEUs
  • Spin Yoga:
    • Date: Feb. 1st
    • When: 8am-12pm
    • Where: Gutterson Multipurpose 217 (Spinning/TRX studio)
    • Workshop Description: 
      • Adding Spinning and Yoga to your class schedule can give your program the update you’ve been looking for. In this workshop you’ll learn cycling specific asans (yoga poses) that help elongate muscles, release tension, deepen the breath and improve posture. Plus, you’ll receive Spinning and Yoga class formats to integrate into your Spinning program class schedule.
      • Workshop Format: lecture plus practical application, ending with a ride.
      • Course Materials: Upon registering you will receive a Workshop Outline in PDF format to download from your account.
      • Cost Includes: 6.0 Spin CECs, ACE 0.4 CECs, AFAA 4.0 CECs
AFAA Workshops - March 21st-22nd 2015 (click to register)
  • KickBoxing Certification
    • What is it?
      • AFAA’s Kickboxing Certification is designed to equip those seeking to become kickboxing instructors with the competencies needed to design safe and effective programming for the general healthy population. 
    • Upon successful completion of the AFAA Kickboxing certification course, participants will be able to:
      • Apply the principles of anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and kinesiology to the design and delivery of kickboxing classes.
      • Integrate safety, correct technique, and proper alignment into kickboxing classes to ensure sound training decisions.
      • Use proper technique for punches, kicks, use of equipment and combination-building.
      • Use appropriate instructional techniques for the level of participants to provide a safe, effective, and enjoyable program
      • State and appropriately apply the AFAA 5 Questions when evaluating exercise selection and technique.
      • Assimilate and apply the AFAA fitness training recommendations according to the Basic Exercise Standards and Guidelines for kickboxing as they relate to industry standards
      • Formulate the appropriate response(s) for safety issues such as injury prevention, preexisting conditions, special populations, and emergency response protocol in a kickboxing class setting.
      • Incorporate professionalism in his/her practice by following the Code of Ethics and related legal guidelines
    • Fee Includes:
      • One-Day Certification Review and Practicum Workshop
      • Kickboxing Certification Study Guide
      • Written and Practical Certification Exams One-year AFAA membership ($68 value) or membership extension to current members and a print or digital subscription to American Fitness magazine (does not include postage to addresses outside the U.S.)
      • AFAA certified instructor certificate and I.D. card (upon successful completion of both written and practical examinations). CPR/AED certification required before certificate is issued.
      • 5 CEUs for AFAA certified professionals
  • Practical Pilates
    • What is it?
      • This one-day instructor training course combines the best of both Eastern and Western philosophies and traditions based on the original works of the late Joseph H. Pilates. The 25 practical mat Pilates exercises featured in this course focus on conditioning the body from the inside out. Learn the importance of core stabilization, muscle balance, proper alignment, strength and flexibility while integrating the concept of mindfulness, fluidity and grace.
    • This fee includes:
      • One-day workshop
      • Workshop manual (distributed at workshop)
      • 5 CEUs for AFAA certified instructors One-year AFAA membership ($68 value) or membership extension to current members (includes TeleFitness® access number)
      • A print or digital subscription to American Fitness® magazine (does not include postage to addresses outside of the U.S.)
ACSM Workshop- Feb. 20th-22nd 2015 (click to register)
  • Certified Personal Trainer 3 Day Workshop:
    • When: Fri. 20th (1pm-9:30pm) Sat.21st (8am-5:30pm) Sun. 22nd (9am-4pm)
    • Where: Fri. PFG 118, Sat. PFG 117, Sun. PFG 118
    • Cost: $375
    • Workshop Description:
      • This is the exclusive workshop of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and is delivered by Fitness Education Network for participants who are interested in attaining the highly respected ACSM Certified Personal TrainerSM credential.  FitnessEdNet will help you attain the “gold standard” in Personal Trainer Certification, as well as the practical knowledge and skill needed to be a top-notch trainer in today’s evolving fitness industry. This workshop provides state-of-the art information in the exercise sciences, including updated ACSM and industry guidelines as well as behavioral objectives, dimensions of wellness and more. This is the ultimate hands-on preparation. Let FitnessEdNet help you put the power of the ACSM Certified Personal TrainerSM credential behind your name. Save $30 on the ACSM Certified Personal TrainerSM exam when you register through FitnessEdNet. 20.75 CEC’s ACSM
  • Certified Personal Trainer One-Day Workshop:
    • When: Sun. 9am-4pm
    • Where: PFG 118
    • Cost: $129
    • Workshop Description:
      • This program is designed for currently and previously certified personal trainers who feel confident in their basic knowledge of Exercise Physiology, Anatomy and Kinesiology.  This program will provide the specific knowledge necessary to be successful in attaining the ACSM Certified Personal TrainerSM credential. The program will give you updated ACSM and other pertinent industry guidelines as well as provide you with the opportunity to review, practice and prepare to put the power of the new ACSM Certified Personal TrainerSM credential behind your name.  7.5 CEC’s ACSM


    • If you have questions call Fitness Programs at (802)-656-7713 or email us at

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