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Personal Training Policies

Registration and Payment

Register anytime online for your package. To continue training after the initial package all sessions must be paid in full at the time of registration. Purchased sessions are non-refundable. The only instances in which Campus Recreation will provide refunds are as follows:

  • Campus Recreation is unable to provide a Personal Trainer to a client.
  • A client has a medical condition that makes it impossible for the Personal Trainer to work with them. In this case, a physician's written statement is required.

After receiving payment, the Head Personal Training will contact you within 48 hours for additional information necessary to match you to the most suitable trainer for you. Your initial session will be scheduled at this time.
Please note: You MUST have facility access to the Fitness Center via biometrics to process each training session.

Outside/Private Training

Each personal trainer has an agreement with Campus Recreation that he/she will train Campus Recreation clients only on behalf of Campus Recreation at our facility and not outside the Recreation Center (i.e. parks, in home, etc).

Lapsed Sessions

All training packages have a one-year expiration date from the date of purchase.  If a client's membership expires or the client is no longer eligible for a membership, all unused sessions will be lost. Lost sessions are non-refundable.

Session Cancellation

Should a client need to cancel a session, it is the client's responsibility to contact their personal trainer 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Sessions canceled with less than 24 hours notice, "no shows", or 15 minutes of tardiness will be billed at the rate of a normal session. In other words, the session will be lost and not rescheduled.

Changing Personal Trainers

Though we do not anticipate any issues arising between you and any of our trainers, we do recognize that individuals may wish to work with certain trainers over others for a variety of reasons. We are committed to making your experience with the UVM personal training program a safe, comfortable, and rewarding experience and are happy to make any requested changes in trainer assignments. If you feel that you would benefit from a different trainer, please call the Fitness Programs office 802-656-8058. Please keep in mind that reassigned personal trainers may not have the exact availability that you initially requested. The Fitness Programs office may ask you to change session dates or times in order to accommodate your requests.

Maintaining Healthy Habits

Personal Training is intended to motivated clients to begin or continue live a healthy lifestyle. The Personal Trainer retains the right to refuse working with a client who:

  • has not eaten recently (Clients should eat a meal approximately one to two hours prior to every session)
  • is exhibiting signs of over training
  • is legitimately ill
  • is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • or the personal trainer feels that training with the client will be detrimental to the client's health and well-being

Should you come across a conflict that cannot be resolved, please contact the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation - Fitness Programs (802-656-8058) to resolve the situation. We want you to have a positive experience. Although an infrequent occurrence, there are times when client/trainer personality’s or values conflict or you may feel you would benefit from the help of a different personal trainer. ¬†Provided adequate staffing exists, we would be happy to assign you to a different personal trainer if such conflicts arise.

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