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ID Policy:

Patrons must present valid identification (UVM CATcard or biometric identity) to access Campus Recreation facilities or programs.  If your UVM CATcard is lost or stolen, the card must be replaced at the CATcard Office (Located in the Davis Center).  If you forget your UVM CATcard, to gain access to Campus Recreation facilities or Campus Recreation program/activity, you may:

  • Use Biometric Identity
    • Register for biometrics at the Campus Recreation front desk
  • Retrieve your UVM CATcard
  • Purchase a $7.00 facility or $10.00 group exercise guest pass

Biometric Identification scanners will be available in multiple areas of the facility and may be used to gain access to the facilities and/or programs.  You must pre-register your biometric identity prior to use.  Registering your biometric identity takes approximately 2 minutes and may be done at the Campus Recreation front desk.

At this time biometrics may NOT be used to gain access to Racquetball/Squash Courts.  ID policies for Intramural sports may vary; check out the Intramural Sports policies for more information. 

A UVM CATcard is required for facilities and/or programs where biometrics is not available. 

For more information on biometric identification please read our fact sheet.

Alcohol Policy

The University of Vermont Campus Recreation Program is committed to providing the campus community with opportunities to recreate in a positive and safe environment. In accordance with UVM alcohol and other drug Policy and to ensure the safety of all individuals, Campus Recreation prohibits patrons from attending or engaging in UVM Campus Recreation related and/or sponsored activities while under the influence and/or in possession of drugs and/or alcohol as evidenced through the diminished capacity of motor skills, smell of alcohol, language confirming or suggesting alcohol consumption, demonstration of belligerence, or any other behavior that is deemed harmful or unsafe by Campus Recreation Staff.

Individuals suspected to be in violation of the UVM Alcohol Policy are subject to the following:

  • Immediate removal from facility. Failure to comply and cooperate with Campus Recreation Staff will result in UVM Police Services being called.
  • Pending review and investigation of the incident by Campus Recreation Staff, offending individuals may be subject to temporary or permanent loss of campus recreation privileges. All policy violations will be reported to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards for Judicial Review.

Why do we require a UVM ID to utilize the Athletic Facilities?

Requiring a UVM ID (UVM CATcard or biometric identity) is the only way we can verify the individuals trying to use the facility are the ones who should have access.

It also ensures consistency. We don't want to put the responsibility on our student staff working the front desk (or staff around the building) to determine who should and who shouldn't be let in. We feel it would be very tough on patrons if one day they are let in because they know someone working the front desk but the next day they are denied because they don't know the person working. Not only is this inconsistent but we believe it can lead to someone feeling like they are being discriminated against.

You know I am a Student/Faculty/Staff here at UVM. Why can't you let me in?

To be consistent and avoid the situation of letting one person in because we know them and not the next person in line because we don't.

Why can't I show a Drivers License or other form of ID?

Tracking participation counts is extremely important to Campus Recreation and allows us to evaluate the programs we offer and don't offer, implement new initiatives, purchase new equipment, offer new services, and helps justify our existence and the need for campus recreation to the rest of the University community. We track participation by the ID scan readers located throughout the building. By allowing access to individuals using drivers licenses and other forms of ID's we are not able to track participation counts. Other forms of ID also don't mean that you are a UVM affiliate which is another reason we require a valid UVM ID.


Biometric scanners have been installed in select locations to allow our participants an additional access option to the facility. Participants must first register at the Campus Recreation front desk to get started. Learn more about this new technology and how it works with the following resources:

If you have questions about these policies please contact:

Blake Simpfenderfer
Associate Director - Operations
Campus Recreation
University of Vermont
101 Recreation & Fitness Center
Burlington, VT 05405
Office Phone: 802.656.7675


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