University of Vermont

Instructor : Radhakrishna (Radha) Dasari

Certified MATLAB Associate

Email :

Office : 305 Innovation Hall

Hours : 10 AM - 12 Noon, Mon/Wed


CS020 - Programming for Engineers: MATLAB

MATLAB by Mathworks is indispensable in both the academia and industry for its comprehensive libraries and rapid prototyping capabilities. This course introduces computer programming principles using MATLAB, with applications chosen from computer, electrical, environmental, civil and mechanical engineering.

Course Philosophy

Socratic Method will be used for teaching key concepts

The course will feature -

  • Homework - to strengthen theoretical knowledge related to Programming
  • Programming tasks - to enhance programming skills with hands-on experience
  • In-Class activities - to collaboratively learn in the classroom

Academic Integrity

"Integrity means that there is coherence between what you say, what you do, what you think, and how you feel about life around you" - A quote by someone who is wise

Code of Academic Integrity - The University of Vermont


Piazza Discussion Forum - Every semester, the questions related to CS020 are answered exclusively on Piazza

MATLAB on Ramp - Free course from Mathworks, creators of MATLAB

CS020 Blog


General semester structure. HW - Homework, PA - Programming Assignment

Week Lecture Topic Lab Activity Tasks
1 Introduction to CS020 Grader, Piazza setup HW0
2 Introduction to MATLAB Familiarize with MATLAB environment HW1
3 Vectors and Matrices Play around with MATLAB in-built functions HW2
4 MATLAB Programming Writing basic MATLAB Scripts and functions HW3, PA1
5 Selection Statements Mastering if/else/elseif/switch statements HW4
6 Loops and Vectorization Mastering for/while loops HW5
7 MATLAB Functions Mastering Modular Programming HW6,PA2
8 MATLAB Data Structures familiarize with Cell Arrays and Structures HW7
9 Strings/ Data I/O Importing Spreadsheets and working with MATLAB Tables HW8
10 Advanced MATLAB Functions Writing functions with variable numner of input/output arguments HW9,PA3
11 Advanced Plotting MATLAB advanced plot features -
12 MATLAB and Mathematics Linear Algebra/PA3 help HW10
13 Advanced Topics - -
14 End of the semester review Extended office hours PA3 Submission

Tips for Success

Procrastination and Programming do not go well together. Finishing weekly homework on time is the key to success in CS020

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