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RAN: Redesigning the American Neighborhood Project




Fitzgerald, E. and B. Bowden. 2006. Quantifying Increases in Stream Power and Energy: Using Flow Duration Curves to Depict Stream Flow Values. Stormwater, March/April 88-94. (pdf)

Hinds, J.B., A. Voinov, and P. Heffernan. 2005. Adapting and Scaling Social Marketing Techniques to Regional, Municipal and Neighborhood Stormwater Objectives: A Case Study from South Burlington and Chittenden County, Vermont, 17pp. (pdf)

Kirk, B., R. Roseen, and C. Etnier. 2006. The Big Picture: Evaluating Stormwater BMPs Through the Life Cycle Lens, 8pp. (pdf)

McIntosh, A., B. Bowden, E. Fitzgerald, A. Hackman, B. Kirk, J. Todd, H. Vladich, A. Voinov, and J. Bartlett. 2006. RAN: Working with Neighborhoods to Manage Stormwater. Stormwater, May/June 95-99. (pdf)

Theses and Dissertations

Fitzgerald, Evan. 2007. Linking Urbanization to Stream Geomorphology and Biotic Integrity in the Lake Champlain Basin, Vermont. Master's Thesis, The Universityy of Vermont, 127pp. (pdf)

Foley, Julie. 2007. Development of an Integrated, Watershed-Scale, Planning Tool for Stormwater Management in Vermont. Master's Thesis, The University of Vermont, 120pp. (pdf)

Hackman, Alexander. 2008. The Influence of Stormwater Impairment on Whole-Ecosystem Metabolism of Surburban Vermont Streams. Master's Thesis, The University of Vermont, 104pp. (pdf)


Status Report #1 July 15, 2004 (pdf)

Status Report #2 December 30, 2004 (pdf)

Annual Report Project Years 1 and 2 (2003-2005) November 27, 2006 (pdf)

Annual Report Project Year 3 (2006-2007) June 6, 2007 (pdf)

Final Report Project Year 3 (2006-2007) December 8, 2008 (pdf)

Progress Report July 8, 2009 (pdf)

Other Products

RAN Field Guide (pdf) to useful information about the RAN project and the field activities associated with the project

RAN55 Model Documentation (pdf)

Download RAN55 Model

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