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Proper Use of Film/Ring Badges

Proper Use of Radiation Dosimeters


  • Wear your film badge at all times while in a radiation handling or storage lab.
  • Wear your ring badge whenever you are handling radioactive materials. Twist the ring so it faces the radiation source. It should be worn on your dominate hand.
  • Wear the film badge on the upper part of the body facing forward.
  • Wear your ring badge underneath your disposable gloves and always on the same hand.
  • If you are wearing a lead apron, wear the film badge at the neck level outside the apron.
  • Each month your film and ring badge are exchanged for new ones. Please return the old ones as soon as your receive your new badges.
  • Even if you have not handled any radiation during that month, your film and ring badges must be returned.
  • The new film that you receive each month must be properly inserted into the specialized holder. The hold had filters inside which make it possible to determine the type, energy and quantity of radiation. If the film is not placed in your holder correctly inaccurate or no radiation dose reading will occur.
  • Leave your film and ring badge in a safe place away from high temperature, high humidity and radiation sources in your lab.
  • Report the loss or damage to your film or ring badge immediately to the Radiation Safety Office.


  • Do not allow buckles, buttons, pens, etc. to shield the film badge.
  • Do not take your film and ring badge home with you.
  • Do not wear a film or ring badge issued to another person.
  • Do not get you film or ring badge wet.
  • Do not cut or puncture the film badge. Ask for assistance if you are not familiar with proper insertion of film into the holder.

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