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Cs-137 Approval Process

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Cs-137 Cell Irradiator Operator Approval Process

version: December 22, 2000

1. The candidate fills out the "Application for Radiation Users (Non-Investigators).

2. The candidate watches the 2-hour video, "Radiation Safety at the University of Vermont" which covers these subjects: radiation detection instruments, general safety procedures, whole body badges, MPD, ALARA, time, distance, and shielding.

3. The candidate meets with either Tom Kellogg or Louis Izzo of the RSO for a tour of the Cs-137 irradiator, followed by a one hour review of the handout, "Standard Operating Procedures for the Use of the Cesium-137 Cell Irradiator, B-30 Red Cross Building". Subjects covered are: background radiation levels, emergency procedures, physical decay characteristics of Cs-137, radiation detectors, whole body radiation monitors, electrical power failure, security procedures, and record-keeping. Either Tom or Lou sign page 9 of the "Application..." form.

4. The candidate is now considered a "trainee" and his / her name is added to the "List of Authorized Cs-137 Users at the Red Cross" which is sent to Jan Nicklas, Ph.D., Patrick O'Neil, Ph.D., and Linda Sullivan.

5. The RSO also sends page 9 of the "Application..." form to Dr. Nicklas for her signature after the candidate completes the training.

6. The candidate makes an appointment with Dr. Nicklas for a tour and demo of the irradiator and is observed once as part of this training. Dr. Nicklas goes through the use of the irradiator and then the trainee is observed actually performing a test run as part of this training.

7. The candidate runs through the irradiator procedure on 3 separate occasions while being supervised by an approved user. This is documented on Dr. Nicklas' trainee sheet. The supervisor must sign the log book.

8. Dr. Nicklas then administers the written exam. The candidate must score 90% or better to pass the exam. If not, the candidate can take a makeup exam and must score at least 90% in order to pass.

9. After passing the exam, the candidate signs an agreement form which states that they will follow the rules, take care of the irradiator and not let any unapproved persons use the irradiator. This form is filed in the trainee records book.

10. Dr. Nicklas signs page 9 of the "Application..." form, indicating that the candidate completed the training requirements, and sends the form to the RSO.

11. RSO produces a new list of approved users and sends it to Dr. Nicklas, Dr. O'Neil, and Ms. Sullivan. Dr. O'Neil posts a copy on the door to the irradiator room.

12. The candidate is now considered an approved user and can operate the irradiator without supervision.

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