Selecting a Transaction

The next screen displayed is the Transaction Selection Screen.   This screen allows you to choose a particular PurCard transaction to reallocate.

Transaction Selection Screen


CARDNAME - The name on the PurCard, usually the default budget name.

CARDHOLDER - The name of the Cardholder.

MERCHANT NAME - the name a business uses when it reports purchases to the bank. This may not be exactly the same as the name of the store where the purchase was made.  You may have to consult your purchase documentation for verification.

TRANSACTION DATE - the date the merchant reported the purchase to the bank. This may not be the same as the date the purchase was actually made.   Merchants who do not use electronic or telephone authorization submit their charges on paper slips which may not be processed the same day as the transaction.

AMT - The absolute value of the transaction amount.  There will be no plus or minus sign to indicate a charge or credit.

D/C - P = partial - a partial liquidation of the encumbrance.

FRS ACCT - The default budget number assigned to the selected PurCard.   This account only changes when the transaction is a credit to the default budget.   A 015009 in this field indicates the transaction is a credit.

REF NO - The offset account number - usually 0-15009-2104.

To select a transaction, put an X on the line to the left of the transaction you want to work with, and press ENTER.  If there are more transactions for this card than can be shown on one screen, pressing PF8 will let you see more pages of them.  Pressing PF7 will restart this screen at the beginning of the list of transactions.  Pressing PF3 will take you back to the Card Selection Screen. PAUSE/BREAK exits the program immediately.

You are now ready to work with the selected transaction.