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Ethical Use


The Cardholder, as an authorized purchaser for the University of Vermont, must comply with the regulations relative to ethical conduct under the University's Code of Business Conduct and  Conflict of Interest policies.

These documents are applicable to the business activities of all employees; all employees should be aware of their contents.

6.1 What are your Obligations to UVM?

In any involvement (direct or indirect) with outside purchases, the Purchasing Card holder's only legitimate interest must be the best interest of UVM.  You must not give, or even appear to give, a preference to anyone at the expense of the University.   Showing personal favoritism to any supplier always has the potential effect of damaging the institution's reputation.

If a cardholder is uncomfortable making certain purchases on their PurCard, they are obligated to report it to the proper authority, such as the program administrator or anonymously on the Ethics and Compliance Reporting and Help Line.

6.2 What Are Your Obligations to the Supplier?

Our suppliers are, in a sense, our business partners.  Their imagination and creativity supplement the skills of our staff and faculty.  We ask for, and expect, quality products and top performance from our suppliers, and they have every right to expect fairness, honesty, and courtesy in return.

6.3 Failure to Comply with UVM Policies and Applicable Laws and Regulations

Any clear infraction of UVM business ethics will subject an employee to disciplinary action.  This action may include (depending upon the seriousness of the offense):   

  • Temporary inactivation of a card;
  • Permanent revocation of a card;
  • Notification of Internal Audit and/or University Police Services to investigate matter further;
  • Assignment of wages;
  • Disciplinary measure that may include termination and/or legal action;
  • The Program Administrator reserves the right to revoke a Purchasing Card at any time.

6.4 Summary

"Ethics," the rules of conduct governing the members of a group or profession, as covered herein and in cited references, should be considered in all purchases made on behalf of UVM.  Should you have any questions or concerns, or would like to report a problem, please don't hesitate to contact your Program Administrator.

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