The Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center

Description of Services

Karen Fondacaro, Ph.D.
Karen Fondacaro, Ph.D.
The Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center is a not-for-profit outpatient clinic and training facility for the Clinical Psychology Program in the Department of Psychological Science at The University of Vermont. The two main functions of the Clinic are:

Services of the clinic are provided by either:

The Clinic Director, Karen Fondacaro, Ph.D., oversees the management of the clinic and is responsible for all operations. You may contact Dr. Fondacaro with any questions or concerns in writing or by phone at 802-656-2661.

Evaluation of Client Treatment Needs

The first few sessions will typically be dedicated to assessment in order to determine the client's specific treatment needs. The goal of these evaluative sessions will be to clarify whether the Clinic is capable of serving the client's specific needs and, if so, to develop a treatment plan with him/her. If it is determined that the Clinic is not capable of meeting the client's specific needs, she/he will be referred to other community mental health practitioners or agencies.

Clients should be aware that psychological services involve a joint effort between therapist and client, the results of which cannot be guaranteed. For example, progress in therapy depends on many factors including motivation, effort, and other life circumstances such as the client's interactions with family, friends, and other associates.


State laws and the code of ethics for psychologists protect a client's rights of privacy, privileged communication, and confidentiality regarding psychological services. Clinic personnel will not release any record of a client's contact with the Clinic without her/his written permission, except under the rare conditions outlined below. For our graduate student therapists, clinic files are NOT part of academic records, and no one has access to them except for Clinic staff. Complete records are maintained for seven years, in accordance with law/ethical principles.

filing Despite our strict respect for clients' confidentiality rights, the following are situations that may impose limits on a client's right to confidentiality based on state laws and ethical principles for mental health professionals.

These policies of confidentiality apply to all clinic activities with clients, including supervisory contact between student therapists and faculty supervisors.

Emergency Procedures

If you have an urgent mental health concern, please call 911. If you have other immediate concerns please call the Adult Crisis Service at (802) 488-6400. For children and families, please contact First Call at (802) 488-7777. For non-urgent matters, please feel free to leave a message at (802) 656-2661 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Missed Appointments

Please be advised that all clients who miss their appointments without canceling 24 hours in advance will be charged for the missed appointment.

We have implemented this policy because we feel it is important to maintain a consistent therapy schedule in order for the therapy to be effective. In addition, our therapists have other commitments as well as their services here. It is important for them to be able to know in advance about cancellations so they can arrange their schedules accordingly.