University of Vermont

Department of Psychological Science

The Graduate Program in Psychological Science
Guidelines for the Graduate Application in Psychological Science


The deadline for the completed application is December 1 for the Clinical program and January 2 for the General/Experimental program.

Application Fee

The nonrefundable application fee is $40 US. Applications are not processed until the application fee is received.

Letters of Recommendations and Transcripts

Submit Letters of Recommendations and transcripts to:

University of Vermont
Graduate Admission Office
330 Waterman Bldg
85 So Prospect St
Burlington VT 05405-0160

Please use the form supplied online (pdf) by either printing it and giving it to your reference, or pointing them to the website.

References from college or university placement files are acceptable provided they are forwarded in an unopened envelope. Photocopied references are acceptable with original signatures only.

The preferred method for submitting accompanying materials to the Graduate College is as follows:

  • Submit your letters of recommendation online using the online application
  • Collect your transcript(s) from each of the post-secondary educational institutions you have attended and mail them in one packet to the Graduate College
  • If your references are to be submitted by mail as a hardcopy, place them in the same envelope with the transcript(s).

Statement of Purpose

In your Statement of Purpose (sometimes called Personal Statement), please outline your reasons for wishing to undertake graduate study, and comment on your plans for a professional career. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your preparation for graduate study in your proposed field. If you are presently in a graduate program, please explain why you wish to apply to a new program. If there are gaps in your academic career, please address them.

We've also included some excellent tips (pdf) that will help you craft a coherent Statement of Purpose.

You must include the following Program Information in your Statement of Purpose:

  • The Program you are applying for (Clinical or General/Experimental)
  • If the General/Experimental Program, the Subprogram you are applying for:
    • Biobehavioral Neuroscience
    • Developmental
    • Human Behavioral Psychopharmacology
    • Social
  • The names of one or two faculty members you wish to do research with. Particular attention is paid to the match between a student's interests and plans and the expertise of our Department. It is critical that students' educational objectives can be met by the Department of Psychological Science. A clear "Expression of Interest" area in the Statement of Purpose increases the likelihood that your admission will be advocated by a potential mentor.

Also refer to the Clinical Training Program's Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data webpage for additional information regarding application to this program. Note that you must submit a writing sample of a research project or paper on which you were the primary author when applying to the Clinical Program. Only double-sided, printed copies will be accepted. Emailed copies will not be accepted. Mail to the Graduate Admission Office (address listed above under Letters of Recommendations and Transcripts).

Undergraduate Majors

We expect that students will have an undergraduate major in psychology or its equivalent. The latter means, at a minimum, introductory psychology, psychological statistics, experimental methods, and at least three other core psychology courses (for example, history of psychology, learning, motivation, cognition, social psychology, biopsychology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology). These should be completed or in progress at the time of application to the program.

University of Vermont Opportunity Fellowships

The Graduate Dean's Office administers several fellowships to increase campus diversity in graduate programs. Opportunity Fellowships, which are generally funded at a level equivalent to Graduate Teaching Fellowships, are available to students in all UVM graduate programs. Please indicate interest in these fellowships on the University application form.

Submit Materials on Time

We do not normally review applications that do not contain all the information required and so it is advisable to submit all your materials on time.

On-Campus Interview

During our application review process you may be invited to visit our campus for in-person interviews.

Full-Time Program

There is no formal part-time program, and students who want to attend on a part-time basis will need to justify this in their application. The prerequisites for application and program requirements are the same whether students are attending on a full-time or part-time basis.

International Students

If you are an International Student (not a U.S. resident or resident-alien) make sure you visit the Office of International Education for VISA requirements. This VISA process can take many months to complete, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of lead time when applying!

Documents not in English

Documents not issued in English must be accompanied by a notarized English translation.

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