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Major Areas of Clinical Research

The Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory (HBPL) is a research unit of the Department of Psychiatry that studies environmental and pharmacological factors that influence drug abuse and diverse new treatments for drug abuse. Our research spans alcohol, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, caffeine, cocaine, nicotine, and opioids. Research includes:

  • clinical research on behavioral and pharmacological treatments for cocaine, nicotine, opiate, alcohol and marijuana dependence.
  • human laboratory research identifying behavioral mechanisms of drug dependence.
  • examining the behavioral effects of abused drugs.
Diann Gaalema
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009
Focus Measurement and manipulation of behavior; Behavioral economic principles to motivate health-related behavior change in disadvantaged populations; Substance use in pregnant or recently postpartum women.
Sarah Heil
Research Assistant Professor of Psychology
Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Ph.D. Dartmouth College, 1997
Focus Drug abuse treatments for pregnant and postpartum women, including behavioral treatments such as contingency management and pharmacological treatments such as opioid replacement therapies
Stephen Higgins
Professor of Psychology
Professor of Psychiatry
Ph.D. University of Kansas, 1983
Focus Behavioral interventions for cocaine dependence, applications of contingency management in drug-abusing populations, non-pharmacological factors and drug self-administration
Director, Substance Abuse Treatment Center
Director, Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory
Director, Behavioral Pharmacology of Drug Dependence Training Program
Professor of Psychology
Professor of Psychiatry
Professor of Family Practice
M.D. Univ. of Mississippi Medical School, 1975
Focus Pharmacological and behavioral treatments for smokers who want to stop, and harm reduction interventions for smokers who are not trying to stop
Research Assistant Professor of Psychology
Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dartmouth Medical School
Ph.D. University of Vermont, 2002
Focus Behavioral and pharmacological treatment of opioid dependence; Novel formulations of pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence; Smoking cessation among opioid-dependent patients using a behavioral approach; Laboratory models for understanding the interactions between stimulant medications, including nicotine, cocaine, d-amphetamine and methylphenidate; Behavioral treatments of substance use/abuse among individuals with serious mental illness
Director, The Chittenden Clinic

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