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covered bridge The Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center (BTPC) is a non-profit outpatient clinic and training facility for the clinical psychology program in the Department of Psychological Science at The University of Vermont. The BTPC has been providing service for over 40 years. Services are provided by either doctoral level licensed clinical psychologists or pre-doctoral clinicians who are completing training with the supervision of the clinical psychology faculty.

An array of effective psychological services has been provided through the BTPC for children and families with various mental health problems, such as anxiety and affective disorders, child behavior problems, eating disorders, and developmental disorders.

The BTPC was established in 1972 as a training clinic for graduate students in the clinical psychology program at the University of Vermont. Since its inception, the BTPC has focused on providing clinical training, while simultaneously offering community services based on empirical research.

Importance of the BTPC to Clinical Training

family laughing together Knowledge gained from clinical experience at the BTPC has directly influenced and enhanced both graduate student and faculty research, including dissertations and peer-reviewed publications. Clinical psychology doctoral candidates who have graduated from this unique clinical training experience have gone on to excel in prestigious academic, research and clinical environments. The importance of the BTPC to clinical training in the Department of Psychological Science is beyond measure.

Quality Community Services

Over 17,000 clients have been served since 1972. A unique contribution of the BTPC has been its emphasis on providing quality community services to underserved populations (e.g., low-income individuals, traumatized children, families in conflict, sexually abused children, refuge families and communities, and individuals with HIV).


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