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Supervised Research Opportunities (PSYS 198)

man working in a lab Working in the Bouton Lab

Undergraduate Research (PSYS 198) is designed to provide you course credit for with research experience tailored to fit your specific interests. Common examples include: working on a research project in a faculty member's laboratory; working on an extensive theoretical paper in psychological science; and/or functioning as a teaching assistant in a psychological science course. Regardless of what form the supervised research experience takes, it must:

  • be conducted under the supervision of a Psychological Science faculty member, and
  • require the student to complete one or more academic products that are to be used for evaluating and grading the student's performance (e.g., papers, abstracts, written exams, oral presentations, etc.)

The best way to set up a Supervised Research Experience is to contact a faculty member with whom you might like to work. Check out our faculty's research interests by visiting the department’s website. Contact faculty members directly when you find research that is interesting to you. Most projects will require that you have completed at least PSYS 053 (and perhaps PSYS 054) before enrolling.

How Do You Enroll?

Enrollment in PSYS 198 (Undergraduate Research) requires an override approved by both your faculty supervisor and the Department of Psychological Science. You and your faculty supervisor should complete a UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH EXPERIENCE FORM. The number of credits (1-6 per semester) granted must be mutually agreed upon by you and your faculty supervisor prior to registration and correspond to the amount of work you are expected to complete. Generally, three credits correspond to at least 10 hours of work per week. Submit the signed Supervised Research Experience Application-Contract Form to Diana St. Louis, Dewey Hall Room 204, Department of Psychological Science during the pre-registration period or as early as possible at the beginning of the semester in case there are questions involving your application. Upon approval, you will be notified by email of the course override and given instructions to register.

Is there Funding?

Funding is available on a competitive basis for research and creative projects, so check for criteria and deadlines!

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